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【Travel Report】 From New York JFK to Japan

In this article we will introduce how the travel from New York to Japan looked like.(Experiences and pictures shared by one of our customers)


Before Departure


"I didn't have to make any special preparations, but I got the impression that it was a little troublesome to go to the PCR test and prepare the necessary documents when entering Japan.

The government's homepage was difficult to understand, and it was confusing that there were many sites explained by the general public, so I checked several sites and proceeded with preparations."


"About the quality of the quarantine facility and the food provided, as it was decided about a week before departure that a quarantine would be mandatory for all entrants from New York."

JFK airport:

"Most duty-free shops were closed at JFK Airport Terminal 7.

Shops and some fast food were vacant, but most were closed.

It was a pretty empty impression.

Check-in took a long time because the airline was careful about check-in. It took a lot of time because there was a group of students in front of me saying we weren't on the plane, and the documents weren't ready. A ground staff member said, "Are there any customers who have completed online check-in?", so I was able to check in before the group."

Negative certificate (72 hours prior to a departure):

"If you search online, you will find many $ 300 items, but it seems that some local doctors actually do it for about $ 100, so if you have time, you may spend less if you check carefully."

Reasons for choosing Assist14 service:

"I chose it because there was a one-stop service, such as preparing a hire and performing a PCR test.

Also, because I wanted to go to Higashi-Nakano, and Assist14 has a property in a desired area, so I decided to ask."

During a Flight

"The flight wasn't full, but I think it was around 80%.

I wanted to have a space, so I asked for a seat change and they accepted it.

I have the impression that there are many people sitting next to someone.

I think cabin crews were as usual except wearing a mask and rubber gloves.

The in-flight meal was as usual.

The in-flight announcement was the same as usual, but the announcement was pre-recorded."

After Arrival

"I think I had to wait about 30 minutes after the aircraft stopped.

I was supposed to get off the aircraft in the order of first class and business class, and I was in economy class, so I was at the end.

The PCR test wasn't very crowded, but it took nearly an hour and a half to get results.

The guidance of the quarantine staff was smooth and was not particularly difficult to understand.

However, since you are required to submit the same document many times, it is better to have a clear file etc., and if you forget to write something, there is a pen, but it looked disinfected. I had the impression that everyone used it, so I think it's a good idea to have your own pen ready.

The PCR test method was saliva collection.

You will be given something like a plastic test tube and something like a funnel, and you will be asked to pour saliva up to the line of the test tube.

If there are a lot of bubbles, the test cannot be done, so I thought it would be smoother to collect saliva in advance.

I was prepared to wait, but I still felt it for a long time.

Some looked irritated."

Pick-up Service

"The timing of the release was unexpectedly early, and Assist14 adjusted the pickup one hour earlier.

I knew the location right away and the car was clean."

About Assist14 Service

"I think the check-in manual was all very easy to understand.

All the facilities in the room are very clean! No problem!

It's in quarantine and I haven't been able to go out much, but it's impressive that the convenience store is close and the number of restaurants you can order at Uber Eats is very large.

If there is no isolation, I think it is a good location because both Ochiai and Higashi-Nakano are close.

The response was fairly quick, and I was able to communicate with peace of mind.

I am very satisfied with the response via LINE."


As quarantine policies are changed frequently, we have a great understanding and will flexibly modify your reservation.

If you have inquiries or need quotes, please feel free to contact us!

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