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Mobile applications required on your arrival in Japan

In this article, we will introduce mobile applications you will be asked on your arrival at a border control.

During a quarantine period, all entrants need to follow rules below.

・Stay at home or accommodations where you register on your arrival, and avoid contacts with other people.

・Report your health condition and location everyday.

To follow the rules above, all entrants will be asked to install 3 mobile applications at the border control.


Used to report your health condition and location every day, to answer a call from Health Monitoring Center for Overseas Entrants (HCO).

②GoogleMaps(Android users only)

In case you develop symptoms and get a positive result during the quarantine, this app will be used to gather your location data to submit it to a public health center.

Not applicable for iPhone users.


You will get a notification if you might have had a contact with infected people.

After your are landed, there will be usually a long line waiting for a PCR test and some paper work. We recommend you to install those applications beforehand to reduce time you spend at an airport even a little.

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