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It is a property owned by the company that was built in-house with particular attention to the floor plan.

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Own Properties

Paretnered Accommodations

In addition to the above-mentioned own properties, there are many high-quality partnered accommodations in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka areas.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have the desired area.

Laffitte Tokyo WEST

​Nishi-Ogikubo Family Suite A

It is our most popular property, a nice room that you can see immediately after entering. The only drawback is that reservations are made immediately. Lucky if there is a vacancy! You can spend a relaxing time even with a large number of people.


Nishi-Ogikubo Family Suite B

Newly built 40㎡ family 1LDK. It can accommodate up to 8 guests, but if you are staying for a long period of 2 weeks, you can spend a relaxing time with 4 people. It is a calm cityscape that is close to Kichijoji, the city known as the best place to live in Tokyo.


Nishi-Ogikubo Duplex

Duplex type 35 m² bedroom. The upper floor is divided into a bedroom and the lower floor is divided into a kitchen and a dining room, a small family would be the best for this room.

Nishi-Ogikubo Top Cabin

It is a studio on the top floor. There are no other rooms on the same floor, so you can spend your time slowly and comfortably. The view from the window where the soft light shines is also wonderful.

​Nishi Ogikubo Studio

It is a spacious studio of 22 square meters while being minimal and simple. It is a bright room where the light comes in through the large windows.


Prime Suites Tokyo


Prime Suites Tokyo (3-8F)

Opened in October 2020, 8-story hotel. Only one room per floor. it is luxuriously made and equipped with an elevator and balcony. It can be used comfortably by 2 to 4 guests. The view from the window where the soft light shines is also wonderful.


Edogawa, Tokyo
Laffitte Hirai Condominium Hotel

Hirai Studio Suite

Unlike other rooms, the entrance faces the road independently. The living room is a unique renovated garage. The bedroom is deep and quiet. This is our recommended room.


Hirai Duplex Family Suite

A special room with a romantic loft. The ceiling of the loft is low but wide. It should be a cozy area for you to spend some relaxing time.


Hirai Duplex

The room is divided into upper and lower floors. There are two semi-double beds on each floor, which is recommended for families with children.


Hirai Family Suite

The room is divided into upper and lower floors. You can also use the sofa bed in the living room by changing it to a bed at night. Please arrange it as you like, such as making the upper floor a bedroom and lower floor for living space.


Hirai studio

It is a compact room recommended for one or two guests. The room comes with a kitchen and a bathroom. You will have no issue living in this room.


Ueno-Okachimachi, Tokyo
Laffitte Okachimachi


Okachimachi Studio (1F)

A simple studio that can accommodate up to 4 guests. There are also stylish counter seats in the dining space, so you can spend a relaxing time.


Okachimachi Studio (2-3F)

With 2 semi-double beds and 2 folding single beds, this room can accommodate up to 6 guests. It can be used by a wide range of customers from couples to families.


Okachimachi Studio (5F)

It is a simple studio with a loft, which is very popular now. It can accommodate up to 4 guests. This room is ideal for staying alone or for couples.


Higashi-Nakano, Tokyo
Laffitte Tokyo


Higashinakano Junior Family Suite

Excellent location, 5 minutes walk from Higashi-Nakano station on the Chuo Sobu line and 3 minutes walk from Ochiai station on the Tozai line. A studio like a secret base that combines a three-story loft. Since it is 25 m2 including the loft, it can be used by a couple and one child, about 3 guests.


Higashinakano Loft Suite

With a large loft that can sleep 4 adults.

You can use the sofa in the living room as a large sofa bed to take a rest.


Higashi Nakano Studio (2-3F)

How about spending time in a small space with a kitchen? A simple and comfortable room for 1-2 guests.


Higashi Nakano Studio (4F)

It is a simple and neat studio room. We hope you will spend a relaxing 14 days. It is close to the city center and has everything you need for your daily life.


Edogawa, Tokyo
Sport Tokyo


Sport Tokyo (1F)

This room, which is made in the style of a doma(shoes) floor, has a separate kitchen/dining area and bed space, so it is recommended for customers who want to separate their living space.


Sport Tokyo (2F)

The dining space and bed space can be separated by a partition, so it is recommended for customers who want to divide their living space.


Sport Tokyo (3F)

Located on the top floor of the building, this room has excellent sunlight. Work desks and chairs are also installed indoors, making it ideal for customers who want to perform remote work in an open space.

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Ryogoku, Tokyo
Laffitte Ryogoku


Lafitte Ryogoku (1F-5F)

This is a newly built property that opened in March 2021. You can spend a two-week stay in a simple and clean room. Only customers using the room on the 5th floor can use the roof terrace. A direct view of Tokyo Skytree.


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