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Japan to Drastically Ease Border Measures from June 1!

The Japanese government announced a decision to substantially relax its COVID-19 border control measures from June 1.

People entering Japan from countries and regions with a lower risk of bringing the novel coronavirus into the Asian nation will be exempted from COVID-19 testing upon arrival and will not be asked to quarantine at home.

From June 10th, if the person in charge of acceptance of travel agencies, etc. located in Japan completes the prescribed application for the Immigrant Health Confirmation System (ERFS), it is considered that there are "special circumstances" for tourism purposes. As a general rule, new foreigners staying for a short period of time will be allowed to enter the country.

(1) New entry for a short-term stay (less than 3 months) for commercial or employment purposes

(2) New entry for a short-term stay for sightseeing purposes (limited to cases where a travel agency, etc. is the person in charge of acceptance)

(3) New entry for long-term stay

Entry into Japan has been eased for the summer. If you're looking for accommodation, please feel free to ask us anytime! Get the comfy room that you're looking for before fully booked!

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