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What should I prepare for a mandatory quarantine at a hotel provided by a quarantine station?

In this article, We will introduce what you should prepare for the mandatory quarantine at the hotel provided by the quarantine station.

If you are,

・not vaccinated 3 times.

・from designated countries.

You will be asked to be in quarantine at the hotel provided by the quarantine station for 3 days.

List of designated countries:

Iraq, Iran, all over India, Indonesia, Egypt, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Singapore,

Sri Lanka, Turkey, Nepal, Pakistan, Vietnam, Myanmar, Mongolia, Jordan,

all over Russia (Updated on March 12th)

List of countries and duration of quarantine are frequently changed based on the pandemic situation on that time.

Please check the latest information on Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website or Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

During the mandatory quarantine, you are not allowed to go out your room, while you can go grocery shopping during self-quarantine.

Meals and a bottle of water are provided 3 times a day. However, for some people, these foods may not be enough, or you may want some snacks.

Since you most likely won't have time to shop when you arrive in Japan, we recommend you to prepare for the mandatory quarantine (such as extra drinks, snacks, and food) before your departure.

For example,

①Instant noodles/food

For some people, the meal provided by the hotel may not be enough or to your taste. In this case, instant noodles/food can be a lifesaver.


This is the best option when you are feeling a little hungry. If you have a remote work during the mandatory quarantine, sweets like chocolate can boost your concentration and productivity!


You would feel stressed to stay in a small hotel room for 3 days not going out. Bringing your favorite coffee or tea can be a good idea and it helps you to relax.

*Important: Alcohol is not allowed during the mandatory quarantine.

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