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​Minpaku agency / Minpaku regeneration

Are you looking for an agent who can regenerate your Mimpaku business now?

For the owner who has a room with over 2 bedrooms or a house.

Limited recruitment for 10 rooms only !!

​If you have any other requests or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Are you ready for the after corona?

First​ It is important to understand the steps leading up to the inbound revival and prepare properly.

Target transition until inbound recovery



Isolation of Japanese returnees

Drinking party etc.


Isolation of Japanese returnees

Isolation of foreigners visiting Japan

Japanese domestic travel

Isolation of foreign technical intern trainees


Isolation of Japanese returnees

Japanese short-distance trip


Isolation of foreigners visiting Japan

Japanese domestic travel

Isolation of foreign technical intern trainees

Foreign tourists


Isolation of Japanese returnees

Isolation of foreigners visiting Japan

Japanese domestic travel



Japanese tourists

Foreign tourists


​We will detect the change of situation and help you prepare to change the target quickly.

​Since April 2020, we have been providing isolation facilities for Japanese and foreigners through our own sales channel ( Assist14 ).
As a matter of course, travelers have a long-term record of accepting foreign technical intern trainees in groups, and we are continuing transactions with repeaters of groups.
​ We will introduce the owner's property to customers who make inquiries with Assist14 , and help increase the number of users and regenerate private lodging.

Q & A

Can Assist14 really attract customers?

All of our properties will be filled during the busy season

At peak times, we cannot meet the demand with our own properties alone, so we rent out affiliated properties for guidance.

Is it possible to quarantine foreigners ?

Is possible.

Currently, we have a large number of native-level staff who live overseas or have experience living overseas.

Used by foreign technical intern trainees?

I am a customer.

There is a pipe with domestic accepting organizations for technical intern trainees from Vietnam and Cambodia.

​Listing business


​For Japanese customers


etc ...

​For foreign customers

etc ...

Looking ahead

Google hotel ads

Company homepage


The frontage to attract customers is wide.

Listing all of your property on your own can be a daunting task. Please choose for me.
We will also create a homepage for each facility according to the image of the facility.

Q & A

​Do you need to post so much?

Airbnb alone is poor.

The above site is the minimum, please consider it essential . Let's go get the possibility of attracting customers as much as possible.

Do you bother to create your own website?

Branding is important.

Creating your own website makes it easier for customers to get a feel for the atmosphere of the accommodation. In fact, it has been seen quite a bit.

I want to ask only for listing work

​Please choose for me.

Feel free to contact us for listings only or for one-point consultations !

Operation status of own property in Corona Whirlpool

We will share the current operating status of our own property utilizing the above-mentioned step-by-step target setting and multiple sales channels.
We do not guarantee the results of our private lodging agency / regeneration.
I think that the results will change depending on the management situation of the property and other conditions, but we will aim for the same level of operating conditions.

January 2020

Click the image to enlarge

Before the epidemic of coronavirus

Airbnb (pink band) attracts most customers


May 2020

State of emergency (1st time)

Immediately after the start of the isolation service " Assist14 " on the 14th as an original sales channel after being hit hard


March 2021

State of emergency (second time)

" Assist14 " (red belt) is on track, and reservations on its own channel account for almost all


* We perform image processing to hide your personal information.

​Agency business content

​Initially, we also had an agent, but we felt unsatisfactory and the owner himself started to work on the management work.
​ We are aiming for management work that can be reached by the same owner and can reach the itch.

Main business contents



Review of room facilities


24-hour customer support and support


Listing business to the reservation site


Service multilingualization


Actively attract customers through its own sales channel


Photo / video shooting


Create your own website


Always available in foreign languages


Cleaning service agency


Pricing according to the situation

​This is special


① All of our own properties are our own design

The minimalist interior design cultivated in the design of our own property gives a sense of cleanliness and high quality. We will propose a room plan that you can spend comfortably.


② Only photos are out of date

The amount of information in videos is said to be 5000 times that of photos. We will shoot and edit the owner's facility and use it for promotion.


③ Many overseas staff

Leave it to us for multilingual support !! We have a large number of native-level staff living overseas. There is no blind spot in the upcoming inbound response.

Do all this by yourself?  No, we are for that.

It is difficult to secure human resources and create a system to implement so many measures.
Although certain effects have been proven for our own properties, it is expected that the situation will differ from property to property.
Let's make the best use of our know-how and lead to customer acquisition together.

Listing example

​The trick is to keep the photos for listing clean and not give a sense of life. Multilingual support is a matter of course !! Of course, it is also important to acquire a super host.


Video embedding example


This is a property introduction video created by us. Compared to photos, videos make it easier to create an image of the living space, which leads to an increase in the ability to attract customers.

Finish to this level.

The ability to attract customers will change depending on what is posted on the reservation site that serves as the entrance.


​Initial setup cost

OTA reset for overseas: Approximately 200,000 yen
Full course including Japanese OTA: Approximately 400,000 yen 
Video production: Approximately 150,000 yen

Agency costs
((Partial incentive system)

Until December 2021: 15% of sales (including cleaning fee)
[10% if the set sales target is not reached]

After: 20% of sales (including cleaning fee) 
[15% if the set sales target is not reached] 


About us

Iraka Co., Ltd.

Operates private lodging and inn business mainly in Tokyo. Established an original sales channel " Assist14 " to overcome the sluggish performance in the corona vortex. Since we started the isolation business for returnees at the earliest stage, " Assist14 " has now exceeded 2,000 inquiries.


Why start the agency business now

Initially, we outsourced the business to a private lodging agency and operated the private lodging business, but we were not satisfied with cleaning and other operations, and we managed all of our properties in-house (from attracting customers, responding to customers, cleaning). I switched to. Customers support the service of responding to troubles and responding to individual requests in detail, and for properties that started operations in early 2020 , the title of "Airbnb Super Host" was given about one month after the start of operations. Acquired .
Our in-house service " Assist14 " is also supported by many repeaters, and is used by many customers even in Corona Whirlpool. Until the time of the upcoming inbound revival, we will start an agency business to survive this difficult situation with people in the same industry as much as possible.


Housing accommodation management company registration number: Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (01) No. F01903

​Consultation / inquiry
​Consultation / inquiry
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