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Mandatory Quarantine at a hotel provided by a quarantine station @APA Hotel Yokohama Bay Tower

In this article, we will introduce how a mandatory quarantine at a hotel provided by a quarantine station looks like. (Experiences and pictures shared by one of our customers)

If you are,

・not vaccinated 3 times.

・from designated countries.

You will be asked to be in quarantine at the hotel provided by the quarantine station for 3 days.

List of designated countries:

Iraq, Iran, all over India, Indonesia, Egypt, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Singapore,

Sri Lanka, Turkey, Nepal, Pakistan, Vietnam, Myanmar, Mongolia, Jordan,

all over Russia (Updated on March 12th)

List of countries and duration of quarantine are frequently changed based on the pandemic situation on that time.

Please check the latest information on Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website or Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

The Hotel which the guest stayed at was APA Hotel & Resort Yokohama Bay Tower.

If you are arriving at Haneda International Airport, you have a high possibility to be assigned to this hotel and you will be taken to the hotel by a designed bus.

Once arriving in the room, the rule is "No going out", even buying some drinks or snacks from a vending machine is not allowed.

In some hotels, you even cannot open the widow in your room.

How about laundry?

It is available, reserving a slot beforehand is needed.

How about meals?

The meals will be served as pictures with a bottle of water.

This time the guest was mostly served Japanese food.

Depending on a hotel, there will be vegetarian or halal options as well.

We recommend you to prepare for the mandatory quarantine (e.g. extra drinks, snacks and food) before your departure since you will most likely not have a free time to shop after arriving in Japan.

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