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​PCR testing result waiting time

It is a compilation of the actual time taken to find out the PCR test results. There is no guarantee that the results will be exactly the same, but I think we can catch the trend. Please refer to it before returning to Japan. (Adding sequentially)

Airport staff are also working hard, and we are ready to use it.


Latest information

From July 29th, the test method of PCR test was changed at Haneda Airport/Narita Airport Terminal 2 and it seems that the test result will come out with high probability even on arrival in the evening. So far, it seems that the waiting time is about 2-3 hours.

​We recommend that customers using our services make reservations on the day of arrival .

*Since there is a lot of data, we recommend the desktop site (PC version site) for those viewing on a smartphone.

This is a past return report.

There is the latest information. Please see this as well.

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare official

Procedure for receiving antigen test at Narita Airport Quarantine Station

Assist14 will guide returnees to a private wagon hire from the airport and disinfection-ready wagon hire and a room where they can stay for 14 days .

Reducing the risk of infection for everyone who uses it,

We provide services that enable you to lead a comfortable isolated life.

​Our pickup support will arrange a hire so that you can arrive in your room immediately after receiving the inspection result. Click below for an overview of our services!

*Data intended for those who return home with anxiety, not knowing how long they will have to wait when returning to Japan. Please refrain from commercial use.

*We do not guarantee the arrival time. Please refer to it when returning to Japan.

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