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Entry of foreign nationals with special exceptional circumstances

Full Support for Visitors to Japan

Transportation arrangement / room preparation


We have successfully quarantined guests who came to Japan on a large national project.

According to the regulations of the Immigration Bureau of Japan, the following cases are permitted to enter the country because of "special circumstances".

(1) Immigration from the target area of ​​landing refusal Foreigners who have stayed in 159 countries / regions within 14 days before the landing application date will be refused landing unless there are "special circumstances".
(For details, see "Rejection of landing to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections.")

Specific examples of permitting entry / re-entry due to "special circumstances" are as follows.

 (a) Re-entry with re-entry permit (including deemed re-entry permit) 

 (b) New entry of spouse or child of Japanese / permanent resident

 (c) Persons who have or obtain a "diplomatic" or "public" status of residence

 (d) Persons whose public interest is recognized for the purpose of entry (judgment of public interest after consultation with relevant ministries and agencies for each individual case)

*For example, athletes participating in the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games and engineers involved in the development of vaccines, etc.

 (e) When there is a need for other humanitarian considerations

(2) Immigration from areas other than the target area of ​​landing refusal In addition to the measures in (1) above, visa issuance is restricted worldwide, and currently, in principle, those who have the same circumstances as "special circumstances". Visa issuance only for
* Currently, except for re-entry, in principle, it is necessary to obtain a visa at a diplomatic mission abroad before entering Japan.

Foreigners who are admitted to Japan due to "special circumstances" are required to take stricter isolation measures than ordinary Japanese returnees.
1. 1. Completely distinguish the flow line from other guests.
2. 2. No one is allowed to go out of the room.
3. 3. Meals, linen and other services should be done by hotel staff, even if not face-to-face. Services by outside vendors are not permitted. (Delivery R etc. will be delivered to the front of the room after being received by the hotel staff once.)
4. Perform a PCR test that meets the prescribed requirements 3 days after entering the room and submit a negative certificate.
5. Strict management of used linen and garbage when handing over.
6. If the above conditions are violated, measures such as deportation may be taken without waiting for the end of the quarantine period.

The above conditions are individually imposed by the regulatory agency and the Immigration Bureau of Japan on the inviting companies and organizations.

We undertake as a package from companies and organizations that are invited to do all the isolation work for foreigners entering Japan due to the above "special circumstances".

1. 1. We use our own accommodation facilities for isolation, and thoroughly manage the flow lines of each floor and building to accommodate a large number of people.
2. 2. Replenishment of consumables, daily necessities, etc. by our own staff.
3. 3. Meals, procurement and delivery of ingredients according to the needs of invited foreigners.
4. Conducting PCR tests using online medical care and issuing negative certification.
5. Separation guidance and collection according to the sorting rules of each region of garbage.
6. As a general rule, the above services will be provided in multiple languages.

Since April of last year, we have been actively engaged in the isolation of foreign special residents and overseas technical intern trainees under the "Assist14" brand, mainly for Japanese returning to Japan under the corona, and we have accepted them at our own facilities. Has already exceeded 1,000 cases.
As a general rule for foreigners, we have already accepted more than 100 foreigners due to "special circumstances" while the total immigration ban has been prolonged. As of December 2021, we are undertaking a large number of support for clients who have to invite foreigners for their business, such as some listed companies and research institutes.

Detailed scheduling such as movement from arrival at the airport to the isolation facility, behavior management during the period of stay at the isolation facility, etc. is required, and the usage record of the facility to be used based on the past "special circumstances" is also one of the judgment factors. It will be. Regarding underwriting, we will consult with you individually while listening to individual circumstances and showing past underwriting cases. Please feel free to contact us using this form.

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