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▶ 1. Questions regarding reservations

★ Emergency! I want to call!
・ Please call (050) 3136-7220.
★ I want to talk over the phone.
・ Please call (050) 3136-7220.
★ How do you make a reservation?
・ Please contact us first and we will send you a quotation.
★ Can I make a reservation just before?
·Is possible. We will arrange the room and hire as soon as possible.
★ The PCR test was positive. What should I do?
・ Since you will be staying at a government-designated facility, we will not be able to guide you to your room. In this case, please be assured that the accommodation fee will be refunded in full.
★ The flight has been cancelled! I want to shift my accommodation schedule!
·Is possible. Please let us know immediately. We will change it for free.
★ Should I make a reservation from the date of arrival in Japan?
・ There are no particular restrictions. We accept reservations on the desired date and period. Depending on where you are staying before returning to Japan, there may be a waiting period (3 days, 6 days, etc.) at a government-designated facility after entering Japan. Reservations can also be made after the waiting period at this government facility has expired.

★ The flight has not been decided yet, but there is a guide. Can I make a reservation?
·Is possible. We recommend that you make an early reservation as availability changes from moment to moment. If there is a flight change, we will change it free of charge if there is a vacancy on the day of the change.
★ What is the payment method?
・ In principle, we ask you to pay by credit card. If you have any other requests, please contact us.
★ Do you get a receipt? I also want to specify the address and breakdown.
・ Yes, please let us know before payment.
★ Is there a discount?
・ There is no discount unless there are special circumstances. Please feel free to contact us.
★ Can foreigners make reservations?
·Is possible. However, it is necessary to meet the immigration standards, so please make sure that you do not make a mistake. Please be assured that we have staff who specialize in English.

★ I have a request. Can you hear me
・ Please contact us. Since we are introducing our own properties, we will respond as flexibly as possible to special circumstances. ​​


▶ 2. Questions about pickup support

★ What is pickup support?

・ This service will pick you up at Narita Airport and Haneda Airport (or hotels in the vicinity) and send them to your reserved room. Since the waiting time until the PCR test result is known is not known until the arrival at the airport, we will support everything from the arrival at the airport until the result is known and the car gets in the car from the waiting place. Even if you do not have a phone number available in Japan, we will arrange for hire, so you only need to inform us of the situation by LINE or email.

★ Isn't it a shared ride? I want to avoid contact with other people.

・ Since customer safety is our top priority, we can arrange at least one hire for each group, whether you are alone or with your family. There is no sharing with other customers. Although the price is higher than shared taxis and buses, we would appreciate it if you could understand our service policy that puts safety first.

★ How much is the additional charge if the waiting time for the PCR test is extended and the hire that has been arranged is changed?

・ There is no additional charge no matter how many times you change the dispatch time. We will fully support you until you get on the hire.

★ Does the hire fee change depending on the accommodation location? It doesn't change. Our rooms are only in Tokyo, so all rooms have the same price. Please contact us for more information.

★ Is the hire safe? Are you sterilizing?

・ We are arranging a wagon hire for sterilization. Please be assured that your safety is our top priority.

★ How big is the hire? How many people?

・ The hire to be prepared is a 7-seater wagon hire such as Granace and Alphard. It is a size that can be used even if you have a lot of luggage such as a suitcase.

★ Come to pick me up before the PCR test results are available.

・ According to the agreement of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, if the accommodation facility is to be quarantined voluntarily for 14 days, it cannot be moved until the result of the PCR test is known. If you come to the facility before the PCR test results are available, you will be refused entry. Please understand, just in case.

★ Is there a plan for accommodation only because you can arrange the car yourself?

・ It is possible to stay only. However, you will be required to come after receiving the PCR test results.

★ I want to use only hire.

・ Sorry, we do not offer hire-only service.

★ Is it okay to ask for hire after arriving in Japan?

・ It is possible, but on the day of the event, you may have to wait for a while depending on the availability. We recommend that you make an early reservation. Please contact us for more information.

★ Do you have a child seat?

・ There is. Please let us know when you apply, there is no additional charge.

★ Please send it to the airport again after the quarantine period is over.

・ Although it is possible, we can only arrange sterilization compatible wagon hire. You can also take a taxi after the quarantine period ends, so I think it is cheaper to arrange a taxi yourself. Of course, if you want to avoid using a taxi in the Tokyo area to prevent infection, we will arrange a sterilization car for hire.

▶ 3. Questions about the room

★ Is the room clean? Are you sterilizing?

・ Since our company puts the highest priority on safety, in addition to thorough cleaning and sterilization, we will guide the next customer 24 hours after the previous customer (own property). It will be a little expensive, but it is a measure to reduce the risk of infection as much as possible. I hope you understand.

★ Does Wi-Fi come on?

·Yes. All rooms are equipped with high speed unlimited Wi-Fi.

★ Can I cook for myself? I want to keep food costs down.

·Is possible. Our rooms are equipped with a kitchen so that you can spend a long time comfortably. Other basic cooking utensils and tableware are also provided.

★ How much does communication cost such as utility bill, water bill, Wi-Fi, etc. cost?

・ It is included in the accommodation fee. There is no additional cost.

★ Can you wash? I don't like coin laundry.

·Is possible. Like the kitchen, it also has a washing machine. You can wash your clothes immediately after entering the room. Detergent is also available, so please use it.

★ Can I receive posts and home delivery?

·Is possible. Almost all properties are equipped with mailboxes and delivery boxes. Not available in some rooms, so please check when making inquiries.

★ How do you check in?

・ There is no contact with staff to prevent infection. We will send you a guide with check-in instructions the day before your scheduled check-in date.

★ Is there a reception? What is the time limit for entering and exiting the building?

・ No. Feel free to come and go.

★ Is there a safe and secure room for families with children?

・ There is. Please contact us.

★ I want to go shopping for food.

・ When proposing a room, we will also provide information on shopping in the neighborhood.

★ I'm not going out during my stay, but will you carry what I ordered to my room?

・ Currently, in Japan, delivery (placed in front of the entrance) is the mainstream, such as home delivery and delivery, so it is almost possible to handle it.

★ Shouldn't I go out?

・ Procurement of food and daily necessities is indispensable, so it is possible, but please refrain from eating out.

★ Is there a private room that can be used for online classes and meetings?

・ There is. Please let us know when you contact us that you would like to do so.

★ Is there a space where you can work on your computer?

・ Although it depends on the availability, please let us know when you make an inquiry.

★ Can the laundry be dried?

・ Almost all rooms are equipped with a bathroom dryer. Please let us know if you wish.

★ Are there balconies and balconies?

・ There is. Please contact us for more information.

★ Do you have all the cleaning tools?

·Yes. Basic cleaning tools such as vacuum cleaners and floor wipers are provided.

★ Does all rooms have a TV?

・ All rooms in our property are equipped. Please check about affiliated properties.

★ Is there a washlet on the toilet?

・ All rooms in our property are equipped. Please check about affiliated properties.

★ What is your property?

・ It is a property owned by our company. We manage everything, so even difficult consultations can be dealt with as quickly as possible.

★ Is there a room where you can smoke?

・ All rooms are non-smoking, but some rooms have smoking space on the premises. Please contact us for more information.

★ Is there a parking lot?

・ There are some. Please contact us in advance.

★ Can I send my luggage before the person who is planning to stay?

・ Please contact us in advance as the previous customer may not have left the room yet.

★ I want to ship my luggage when I leave the room.

・ Please ask the courier to collect your parcel.

★ Can I extend my stay?

·Is possible. Please do not hesitate to tell us if you wish.

★ I want to delay the check-out time, I want to go out in the evening, but can I do it?

・ Late check-out will be handled if you contact us. Please do not hesitate to tell us if you wish.

★ Are there any seasonings or other foods provided?

・ No. No food is provided to prevent infection.

★ Do you throw away the seasonings and daily necessities (shampoo, umbrella, etc.) that you bought yourself? Will the next person use it?

・ You can dispose of it.

★ I broke the tableware.

・ Please let us know as soon as possible. We will deliver new ones if necessary. In addition, it is necessary to arrange for the shortage to be replenished for the next customer.

★ I have graffiti on the floor or walls, and the furniture has been damaged.

・ Please let us know immediately as it needs to be cleaned or repaired.

★ I'm also worried about different rooms in the same building.

・ Please do not hesitate to tell us. We will inform you depending on the availability.


▶ 4. Questions about room facilities after entering the room

★ Wi-Fi does not connect!

・ Please check the Wi-Fi connection method posted in the house manual or indoors. Does the router have a lamp?

* Two Wi-Fi routers are installed in the following rooms of Lafitte Hirai Condominium Hotel. Please check the house manual for details.

Room number: 101/203/401/402/403

★ TV does not connect!
・ Is the outlet connected? Is the TV terminal on the wall connected to the antenna on the TV side? (Terrestrial digital broadcasting) If an error occurs even if you turn on the remote control switch, try connecting with the input switching button.

★ About Wi-Fi speed ・ Optical line Free Wi-Fi is installed (Jcom only for Lafitte Okachimachi), and we have confirmed that there is no problem with normal remote work and remote lessons.
* Please note that the Internet may become extremely slow in certain areas and times due to the effects of telework and video downloads throughout Tokyo.

Inquiry / Consultation


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  • Business hours (Japan time)

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  • We also have an official LINE account.

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