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​Friend referral campaign

For those who have used Assist14 before or those who are considering using Assist14 with the introduction from those who have already made a reservation and are going to return to Japan

Campaign period: Indefinite

You can always stay overnight!

Campaign target



Customers who have already checked out


Customers who are planning to check in

No matter how many times you introduce us, it will be eligible for the campaign



Family or friends

Anyone is eligible

Campaign applied to both introducer and user

​Two selectable benefits

Please choose one from the following

Option 1

5,000 yen

Cash back

We will refund your credit card or cash back to your bank account.

Option 2

Amazon Gift Certificate

For 5,000 yen

Presented 5,000 yen worth of gift vouchers that can be used at Amazon Japan .

How to apply for the campaign

When inquiring about the reservation

Just fill in the name of the introducer in the inquiry form !

※ Precautions

  • Both the introducer and the reservation person will be allowed to enter and ship the benefits after they enter the room .
    (Those who have already checked out are considered to have entered the room)

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